June 22, 2013

What is Dawlance Inverter AC Technology for Split Air Conditioners

Dawlance Inverter
Dawlance recently introduced Inver Air Conditioners in Pakistan and the company is claiming that these AC units are Equipped with the latest technology and are programmed for achieving maximum efficiency when it comes to energy consumption.

As the Energy crisis is a global phenomenon and worldwide energy efficient appliances are being introduced. In Pakistan, the energy crisis has reached such a height that electric bills are ever rising despite increase in the hours of load-shedding.

Air conditioners are amongst the top appliances which are responsible for high energy consumption but have become a necessity for every organization and household.

Dawlance, having keenly observed the situation of the country, introduced Inverter ACs to make the lives of Pakistani consumers easy.

Dawlance Inverter AC while running consumes only 3 amperes of electric current and therefore reduces electricity consumption by a wide margin when compared to other brands of air conditioners.

This new inverter technology has enabled consumers to run their ACs for a longer time and cool better without worrying about their electricity costs.

Tests were conducted using Dawlance Inverter AC in premises where the AC would run continuously for 8 hours on the hottest of days saving electricity costs up to the extent where it eventually recovers its cost within 3 years.

Dawlance Inverter AC

Dawlance Inverter air conditioners are such type of Air Conditioners, in which R410a gas is used as refrigerant that is in compliance with European environmental standards, which does not harm the Ozone layer or the environment.

The Inverter AC Technology:

Conventional air conditioners compressor work at fixed speed and keep turning its compressor ON and OFF to maintain the desired temperature during its operation which results in waste of energy in starting the compressor.

inverter technology

Inverter Air Conditioners are advanced Air Conditioning units equipped with intelligent arrays of sensors and variable speed compressor. Intelligent Inverter technology enables the variable speed compressor to work at maximum speed and capacity to achieve targeted temperature and then reduce compressor speed, instead of tripping the compressor to off state, which also results in reduction of electricity consumption and this process maintains comfortable room temperature.


During its operation Dawlance Inverter air condition constantly adjusts and varies its compressor speed to optimize energy efficiency and ensure desired comfortable temperature using minimal electricity.

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