June 18, 2013

Warid Mobile Internet Settings - GPRS and MMS Configuration

Warid Settings
These are the newest and latest mobile internet settings for Warid Pakistan. These settings will work on all GPRS / Edge supported mobile handsets including Apple iPhone and other Apple devices, Blackberry, Android Handsets, Windows phones, Nokia, Samsung, Htc, QMobile, Hwawei, Sony Ericsson, LG and etc.

You can configure your handset for GPRS / EDGE settings in one of the three ways:

  1. Via SMS
  2. Manual Settings
  3. Warid Call Center / Service Centers
Your handset needs to be GPRS / WAP & MMS compatible, for you to be able to configure your handset for these services.

“Warid Mobile Wizard” is a support service designed to eliminate manual settings by customer or Warid Customer Service Representatives for handset configuration of GPRS subscribers. With this facility you can automatically achieve faster and hassle free multimedia configuration of your handset without having to visit Warid business center / franchise.

Auto configurable settings are sent via SMS to the user which can easily be saved in the handset.

Go to Warid SIM Menu: Warid>Messaging>Multimedia Settings>MMS

Enter handset make (e.g. nokia) & model number (e.g. 6300 when prompted.

SMS is generated from your handset. You will receive a message with the settings. Please select 'yes' to save the settings.

How to configure via SMS

Send a text message to 1190 to receive your handset settings:

For MMS Write "SET MMS" and sms to 1190

All multimedia settings via SMS Self Care are charged at Rs. 2+tax per message.

Manual Settings

WAP parameters
APN wap.warid
Login name < blank >
password < blank >
Wap gateway IP
Port (if required) 8080

Internet parameters
APN warid
Login name < blank >
password < blank >
Wap gateway IP
Port (if required) 8080

Configuration for MMS parameters
APN mms.warid
Login name < blank >
password < blank >
Wap gateway IP
Port (if required) 8080
Relay server/messaging server

Some Settings for Android Devices:

Internet Protocol: http
APN type: default (Set APN to default by pressing MENU under APN window or type it manually)
MMS Protocol: wap 2.0
MCC: 410
MNC: 07
Authentication Type: None
APN Type: mms (for mms)

Settings via Call 321

You can also dial 321 from your Warid Mobile Number and Warid's Support staff will help you configure your handset for GPRS settings.

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