August 18, 2013

CCTV Cameras Price in Pakistan

CCTV Cameras Price
Different types of CCTV cameras including Security cameras and surveillance cameras are available in Pakistani market. Branded and Non-Branded CCTV cameras are available and their price ranges from 1,800 to 30,000 Pak Rupees.

We only deal with best quality models of Non-Branded and Branded CCTV in Pakistan Cameras including IP Cameras, Wireless Cameras, WiFi Cameras, Network Cameras, Box Cameras, PTZ Camera, Infrared light Night Vision Cameras, CCD Cameras, Special purpose cameras, Mini Cameras, Pin-Hole Cameras, IR cameras and more.

The prices of these CCTV cameras are as follows:

Cameras (Branded and Non-Branded Models)
Price in Pakistan
Standard IR Camera (Day / Night) for outdoor use
Pak Rupees 1,500 to 6,500 only
CCD Box Camera with Lense
Pak Rupees 1,600 to 8,300
IP Camera
Pak Rupees 4,500 to 12,000
Wireless / WiFi Camera
Pak Rupees 35,00 to 15,000
Mini / Pin Hole Camera wired
Rs. 2,000 to 3,500
PTZ Camera with PAN-TILT-ZOOM Controller
Rs. 8,000 to 135,000
Cameras Lenses
Rs. 250 to 900
Mini / Pin Hole Wireless WiFi Camera
Rs. 5,000 to 15,500
Indoor Camera
Rs. 3,000 to 5,000
Water Proof Camera
Rs. 5,000 to 7,000
Camera Housing
Rs. 4,00 to 1,500
Special purpose Camera
Rs. 7,000 to 27,000

We have tested and installed these cameras in different locations in Pakistan's Governmental and non-governmental organizations including factories, shopping stores, educational institutes, bakeries, highways, in offices and in homes for security and surveillance purposes.

These prices are inclusive of TAX. Click here to request a quote or contact us for latest CCTV Cameras Price in Pakistan.

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