June 16, 2013

All Pakistani News Channels Live on Official Websites

Live Pakistani TV Mobile App
Every Pakistani wants lives updates regarding Pakistan. So we gathered all the live links of official live streams of Pakistani News channels and embed them at one online page.

All the provided live links are official and the live streaming is available for computers, Android devices, Blackberry devices, Windows phones, Apple iPhone, iPad and including other Apple devices as well as Mobile phones.

How to watch live Pakistani News Channels. (Official Links)

No other live TV service or Mobile App is required. These streams are provided by Pakistani News channels' official websites are anyone can watch them free.

To watch these TV channels on mobile phones or other mobile devices visit this page from that device and Just click on the channel name to watch live stream.

To watch these channels on PC or Laptop just click on channel name or click on the link.

Note: Some of the Web Streams are available for viewers in Pakistan only.

List of Pakistan News Channels (Official Websites)

Pakistan Mobile TV (for Android / Nokia Asha / Apple / Blackberry and Other Mobile Devices)

Tahir-ul-Qadri Live TV (Flash Web Stream)

PTV News (Audio / Video)

Such News (Flash Video)

Royal News (Flash Video / Mobile / iPad / iPhone)

Ary News (Video / iPad / iPhone)

Aaj News (Flash Video / iPad / iPhone / Mobile / Audio)

CNBC Pakistan now Jaag TV

Capital Tv (Video)

Abb Takk (Flash Video)

Express News (Video)

Dunya News (Audio / Video)

Dawn News (Video / Mobile)

Samaa Tv (Audio / Video / Mobile)

Geo News (Audio / Video / Mobile)

Waqt News (Video)

News One

City 42 (Lahore)

Khyber News (Pushtu Language News Channel)

Islamic TV channels live (Urdu Language)

Some of these links are available for the viewers in Pakistan Only.

Pakistan Zindabad

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