August 5, 2012

Internet Settings for PTCL DSL Modem and Router

As-Salam-o-Alaikum! Today I am going to share a simple and easily understandable method by which any one of you can configure its PTCL DSL modem or router himself by using PTCL internet Settings.

There are two possible methods by which you can configure you device one is very easy and simple, call 1236 from your PTCL line anf ask them, they should configure you DSL modem remotely and the other method is to configure you modem manually.

If you want configure your modem or router manually then follow the below instructions.

First of all open Internet Explorer and write “” in address bar and press enter. There must not be any proxy setting in the internet Explorer. (How to Access you DSL Modem)

How To Enter Settings ? After accessing your modem, enter the settings as shown in the images below.
  • Click on "Quick Setup" or "Connect to Internet" then enter VPI and VCI click next (as shown in images)
  • Follow the images for further configuration.

VPI and VCI Settings:
  • For Copper customers use VPI = 0 and VCI = 103 (If PTCL line form exchange to your nearest DP (Distribution Point) is of Copper)
  • For Fiber customers use VPI = 8 and VCI = 81 (If PTCL link form exchange to you nearest DP (Distribution Point) is on Fiber)

DSL User-Name name and Password:
  • (Default user name is you PTCL Land Line Number and Default Password is PTCL) or call 1236 and ask them for your DSL username and password.

By following these PTCL settings and instructions you can successfully configure you static IP and DSL connection.

PTCL DSL Configuration guide for different Devices: (pdf format)
  1. Huawei Modem
  2. Shiro Modem
  3. Zte 831 series
  4. Zte zxdsl 831d
  5. Zyxel
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You can also use comment forum below to share your success story or to get help regarding ptcl settings.

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