August 4, 2012

How to Access DSL Router, Modem or CPE

We are going to discuss that how can we access the DSL Modem, Router or CPE to put the internet settings and to configure it.

By following theses simple steps we can access the CPE and establish a connection to internet.

Keep reading this post for complete guide.

Connect the CPE to the Computer:
  1. Connect the Power Adapter to the AC power plug and attach the connector of adapter to the CPE and switch it on.
  2. Attach one end of LAN wire (RJ-45) to the LAN interface of CPE and the other end to the LAN wire to the LAN interface of computer’s LAN card.
  3. Link Indicator lights will lit up and show the connectivity.
DSL Configuration in CPE and Computer:
  1. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections. Check that the Local Area Connection is enabled. Right click local Area network and click properties.
  2. Double click “internet protocol (TCP/IP)”, Check “Use the following IP address” and make the following settings:
  3. IP Address:
  4. Subnet Mask:
  5. Gateway:
  6. Then, check “Obtain DNS server addresses automatically” and click "OK" to apply these settings.
Now open Internet Explorer and type “” in address bar and press enter. There must not be any proxy setting in the internet Explorer.

A small pop up window will open as shown in the figure below and ask ”User Name” and “Password” for opening the CPE’s interface.

Enter User Name: “admin” and Password: “admin” and press OK.

Tip: If you cannot access your device by "" then reset your device by press "Reset" button. Do not reset your device if it is configured correctly or if it works well.

By following above-mentioned simple you can successfully enter into your DSL modem or Router.

Internet Settings for PTCL DSL Modem and Router - for internet settings and configuration of DSL device read this post.

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