April 24, 2024

Details about Haier Solar Hybrid AC with DC Inverter Technology

Haier launched Solar AC in Pakistan, this hybrid AC is equipped with DC Inverter technology, and it supports direct solar panel connection.

Solar Hybrid Ac with DC Inverter Technology

This is a complete standalone package which consists of AC Indoor Unit, Outdoor unit and Solar Panels.

This solar hybrid AC can be used without Grid / main electricity provider (i.e., WAPDA or KE) but only in daytime in presence of sunlight. however, it also supports solar and grid auto balance feature which enables its users to connect it with both Grid and Solar.

This AC is best suitable of Day Time use with Solar, without consuming high-cost units of Grid, such as in schools, offices and etc. where daytime AC usage is must.

For homes it can save your electricity cost only in daytime usage when it will be working with solar panels, for night-time usage it consumes electricity as any other DC inverter AC.

Solar and Grid auto balance feature will balance the input power, such as in cloudy weather or in low sunlight it combines both solar power and grid power or at night AC will consume grid power.

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Solar AC Specifications:

Type: DC Inverter

Capacity: 1.5-ton

Cooling Capacity in BTU: 19000

Running Current (AC): 1.8 to 8.6 Ampere

Power (AC) in Watts: 380 to 1870 Watts

AC Voltages Rating: Single Phase 220 V

DC Voltage: 80 V

Refringent: R-32 [Amount: 850 G]

Air Flow: 1150 m3/h


Cooling: Yes

Heating: No

Dry: Yes

Turbo: Yes

Self-Clean: Yes

Anti-Corrosion: Yes

Vertical Flapper Auto Swing: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes

Live Monitoring Via Mobile App: Yes

Package Contents:

Indoor Unit, Outdoor Unit, Solar Panels, 4-Core communication cable between Indoor & outdoor unit, Installation Kit, Copper Pipes 9.5 foot approx.

Haier Solar AC price in Pakistan:

The price is little bit high but it comes with Solar Panels.

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