December 19, 2023

PTCL Smart TV STB Device Software Update to Android [ZTE B760HS]

A Random Video: About upgrading the ZTE STB to latest available Android Software.

PTCL Smart TV STB ZTE B760 Upgrading

Video Attached from our YouTube Channel, displaying upgrading ZTE STB Android Software

PTCL has many Set Top Box for its IPTV service named PTCL Smart Tv, B760HS3, B760HS2 and B760HS are widely used.

This video is displaying the device is updating to the latest official update provided by PTCL. From OTA update server. The latest version is based on Android 7.1.2, this video is about ZTE B760HS3 (PTCL) and ZTE B760HS series.

You can also update you PTCL STB to latest version from Settings menu by pressing the settings button on Smart TV remote control and scrolling down to "System Upgrade", the second last menu item.

The official custom android OS on these devices does not support google play services and google play store, but users can still install android apps via .apk files on these devices.

Shared via Paktron Youtube Channel:

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