March 11, 2014

PTCL settings for EVO supported Kasda KW5815U 3G + Wi-Fi Router

PTCL Kasda KW5815U

PTCL is partnered with several Telecom devices manufacturers to provide quality products to its wired and wireless broadband services in Pakistan, Kasda is from one of these manufacturers.

Kasda KW5815U is latest router from PTCL which is designed by Kasda for PTCL. KW5815U supports both DSL and PTCL 3G EVO networks.

This router has built-in Wi-Fi antenna to provide wireless internet access from EVO USB device as well as DSL.

Router USB port for PTCL EVO, Wingle and Nitro:

kasda kw5815u back view usb port 3g router Pakistan

PTCL internet settings for Kasda:

PTCL DSL settings for Kasda Router

PTCL EVO settings for Kasda 3G Router

Point to the settings pages and follow the procedure. PTCL settings presented on EVO and DSL settings pages are valid. Just access your router by browsing from your PC and point to "Advanced Settings" and configure your router.

ptcl router kasda kw5815u box pack

You can also change your current PTCL modem with this one or with any other PTCL 3G EVO compatible router just by visiting nearest PTCL OSS. PTCL is offering wide range of this type 3G EVO USB compatible routers.

Comment you problem in below embedded comment forum if you are still facing any trouble.

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