February 3, 2013

All about CCTV System: Installation, Setup, Configuration & Security

Islamabd CCTV Security Camera
Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is a type of TV broadcasting system which transmits the signals to limited monitors (unlike Public TV Transmission) for Security, Surveillance and Monitoring purpose. CCTV system usually utilize CCD (Charge-coupled device) video cameras, wired or wireless communication mediums, Transmitters / Receivers or Internet for video transmission. Monitors are used for video reception.

CCTV system is not only used for the surveillance and security purpose but also in the other fields like homes, shopping malls, parking plazas, road traffic management, parks, banks, hospitals, airports, educational institutes including schools, collages & universities and in factories to monitor production lines.

The national security conditions and the arrangements, to overcome these issues, has made Pakistan a big market for security products, almost all type of security equipment are easily available in Pakistan.

CCTV Control Room

Variety of CCTV security products are available in Pakistan including CCTV Cameras, DVR or Digital Video Recorder, modulators, switches, multiplexers, web based camera servers for CCTV over Internet, infrared illumination system, Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ cameras, IP cameras, etc.

Today we are going to discuss that how can we setup a small CCTV system for our Home or Office. First of all do some paper work and make a rough sketch for CCTV monitoring system (example: number of monitoring points or number of cameras, do you need video recording option, duration of video recording, installation points, cable lengths, power points, cost estimation and etc.)

The next step is to visit the market.

Required Equipment:
  • CCTV Tool Kit
  • Camera
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • Cable (Power Cable and Video Cable RG-7 is best for normal purpose)
  • Monitor (TV or LCD)
  • Camera Mounting
  • Fixtures / Fittings
How to Setup CCTV System ?
  • You can easily setup a small CCTV surveillance system for your home and office but if you want a professional CCTV Security System then we are here to provide you professional services.
How to Install CCTV System ?

If you are ready with your CCTV Equipment the installation is very simple and easy.
  1. Make a CCTV network diagram exactly according to your plan. Make diagram on paper and label all the devices including camera installation points, DVR and Monitor installation point and cables route. (The best way is to view all camera points on monitor before installation)
  2. Always select the best place for your CCTV equipment.
  3. Lay the cable according to cable route. (Under ground or Concealed Cabling is best option)
  4. Connect the devices.
    1. The connection between Camera and DVR
    2. The connection between Power Source and Camera
    3. The connection between DVR and Monitor
    4. DVR and Monitor power connections
  5. Your Small CCTV Security System is Ready.
CCTV System Diagram

In this way anyone can easily setup its own CCTV system. If you need a professional and High End CCTV Security System then you can contact us. PAKTRON is providing Technical Services in Pakistan. PAKTRON offers wide range of security products including CCTV.

PAKTRON will recommend, provide and install the best CCTV system to suit your individual circumstances, whether you’re protecting your office, your shop, your home or other property.

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