January 23, 2013

PEC has installed On-grid Solar Power Generation System of 178 KW

solar energy generator in Pakistan
Solar Power Plant in Pakistan
Pakistan Engineering Council has successfully installed Pakistan's First On-grid Solar Power Generation System of 178 KW at PEC building Islamabad.

On-grid solar power generation system of 178 KW has set precedence as a role model for defining procedures and strategy at the national level for on-grid solar power generation.

The project is first of its kind in the country‚ as the excess electricity is delivered to the national grid under Feed-in-Tariff regime.

solar panels Islamabad Pakistan
Solar Panels installed at PEC Building in Islamabad, Pakistan

Earlier in year 2011, Pakistan Engineering Council has introduced first ever on-line grid solar system to overcome power shortage in the country.

The smart grid solar technology is based on Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) system to attract the people to make investment in energizing their own houses and buildings.

Documentary video of On-Grid Solar System Inauguration Ceremony:

Through this robust technology, the power companies will be able to purchase surplus power to be produced by small installed solar units by the individuals.

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