November 7, 2012

Telecom Foundation Optical Fiber Course

Optical fiber training
Back in 2011 I got a chance from my organization to take part in training backed by Telecom Foundation, and then I studied a course from Telecom Foundation Islamabad.

Now I found this course very helpful, I learned alot from our instructor Mr. Jameel. We learned alot including OFC Route Planning, How to handle Optical Fiber Cables, How to Trace Cable Faults, Optical cable Splicing and Jointing (Fusion Splicing & Mechanical Splicing).

This course is very useful for those who are already a part of any telecommunication organization or related field. I am not recommending this course to any non-telecom person. That is why I am sharing the contents of this course with may you will find it helpful.

Course Title: Optical Fiber Transmission System & Cable Jointing

Course Duration: 3 Months

Following are the contents of the course:

1. Basic Telecommunication
  • Introduction to Telecommunication
  • Telephone Network
  • Concept of Communication System
2. Digital Transmission
  • Main Stages of PCM
  • Pulse Frame of EI
3. Faults in Optical Fiber
  • Nature of faults
  • Reasons of faults
4. Optical Fiber
  • Construction of Optical Fiber
  • Propagation in Optical Fiber
  • Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Classification / Comparison
5. Optical Fiber Transmission Links
  • Types of Links Optical Sources & Detectors
  • Power Feeding Arrangements
  • Power Budget Calculations
6. Intro to Test Equipments
  • OFC Insersion Loss
  • OFC Attenuation / Distance
  • OFC Splice loss / ORL
  • Fault Tracing
7. Transmission Fundamentals
  • Transmission Parameters
  • Need of Modulation
  • Analog Signal Modulation
  • Pulse Modulation PA, PTM, PCM
8. Constructional Detail
  • Slotted Core & Tube Cables
  • Optical Cords
  • Colour Coding Schemes
9. Splicing Techniques
  • Fusion & Mechanical Splicing
  • Connector, its types and uses
10. Transmission Characteristics
  • Attenuation and its Causes
  • Dispersion effect on Band width
  • Different types of Fiber
11. Splicing of OFC with Fusion Splicer
  • Operation of Fusion Splicer
  • Preparation of OFC Ends
  • Procedure of OFC Splicing
  • Fusion Splice with Machine
  • Handling of Joint Enclosure
12. Handling & Laying of OFC
  • OFC and Bare Fiber Ends
  • Measures of Splicing
  • Laying of Optical Fiber Cables
Scanned Certificate

Telecom Foundation Men Power and Training Center, Industrial Area I-9/2,Islamabad.

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