November 7, 2012

How to make a Project Proposal for a simple Computer Program

Project proposal is a type of document which is used to express a plan of action and the reason behind that plan. You have to propose other person about you idea and plan via a Project Proposal.

After getting an assignment titled as “Project Proposal of C++ Computer Program” from my computer programming lecturer, I thought alot about the project and at the end, as a student of electrical engineering, I decided to make a user friendly program which reflects my interest in electric power and energy.

The project on which I am going to work is all about electric power and energy calculations, this C++ application will helps its user to calculate their electricity power usage and to reduce the cost of their electricity billing.

In order to help my fellow students I am uploading the project proposal, so everyone  can get an idea of making a good and impressive project proposal. The cover page, title page, contents page and abstract page is enough for a briefed and simple project proposal.

The C++ application will also beneficial for all of us in such a way that it can help us to reduce the energy wastage.

This application will take following inputs from users:
  • Time
  • Voltage
  • Wattage
  • Number of electric appliances
And after processing that input data its shows the following as output:
  • Power
  • Total Energy Required
  • Cost of electricity (estimated)
  • Tips about reducing the cost of energy and ho to minimize energy usage
Click the following link to view a simple project Proposal (.pdf file)
After the completion of the project the application will be uploaded on this blog, I hope this C++ application will benefit its users.

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