August 8, 2012

Configuration of PTCL Static IP Address - Complete Settings

An IP address is a numerical label (of this form assigned to a network device or a computer by an Internet service provider. In networks, computers use these addresses to communicate with each other just like, in real life, we use phone numbers to communicate with each other.

A Static IP address is such type of IP address that is assigned by an ISP to its customer customer's computer to be its permanent address on the Internet. While Dynamic IP address is temporary address on the Internet i.e it will have a different address, each time the customer's computer establish a connection to the network.

In Pakistan, several Internet Service Providers are providing static IP addressing service at cooperate/commercial level, but now, PTCL has enabled this service for both commercial and domestic users by offering Static IP facility for DSL users.

Static IP addressing is advantageous for those internet users who need to be consistently identified on the Internet i.e. those who are hosting a Web site or e-mail server, those with a domain name like, those who are online game servers or those who need to access their computer remotely.

Initially, PTCL is offering single static IP address. Some of its uses are mentioned below.
Application or services that require external access such as house or shop monitoring solutions, Virtual Private Networks, Remote access for various systems, Online Games including Play Station & Xbox, IP based CCTV cameras and DVRs etc. Point of sales softwares for shop, restaurants & super stores. Financial & other licensed application clients that require static IP address for licensing obligation. One can host Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS server's directly on one’s own machine for users across the globe accessing internet.

Configuration of PTCL Static IP:

How To ? First of all, you need to activate this service on your internet line. PTCL customers can activate this service by dialing 1236 from their PTCL land line. Customers without PTCL line can order for new internet connection by dialing 080080800.

After activation, a permanent IP address will be allotted to you, after that you can use PTCL customers support (call 1236) for configuration, ask them, they should configure your DSL modem/router remotely.

If you want to configure static IP service yourself then follow the process written below.
  • No need to configure your computer systems, just configure your Modem or Router.
  • Access you modem/router by typing its address (i.e. in your browser, provide username and password (default username: admin and password: admin).
  • Click on "Quick Setup" or "Connect to Internet" then enter VPI and VCI click next (as shown in images)
  • Follow the images for further configuration.
VPI and VCI Settings:
  • For customers on PTCL Coper Link, use VPI = 0 and VCI = 103 (If PTCL line form exchange to your nearest DP (Distribution Point) is of Copper)
  • For customers on PTCL Fiber Link, use VPI = 8 and VCI = 81 (If PTCL link form exchange to you nearest DP (Distribution Point) is on Fiber)
DSL-Name name and Password:
  • (Default user name is you PTCL Land Line Number and Default Password is PTCL) or call 1236 and ask them for your DSL username and password.

By following these PTCL settings and instructions you can successfully configure you static IP and DSL connection.

Note: The Charges of PTCL Static IP facility is Rs. 200 Per Month.

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