June 28, 2012

what is a Battery System Monitor

Battery system monitors are such electric devices which monitors a backup battery, group of series / parallel batteries or a battery bank.

Battery system monitors always monitor your battery system and give you a pretty good idea about the condition of battery condition. They also keep a record of battery backup system in amperes and volts i.e. what you are using and generating.

They keep track of the total amp-hours into and out of the batteries, and the battery state of charge, and other information. They can be very useful for medium to large battery backup systems for tracking exactly what your system is doing with various charging sources.

Some of the latest battery system monitor models have a computer interface and many other features.

Battery monitoring systems are widely used in renewable energy systems, uninterrupted power supply systems and power backup systems including solar systems and alternate energy.

Battery system monitors are easily available in Pakistan. Some of them are Xantrex Link-10, TM500, TriMetric 2020 and the PentaMetric.

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