June 28, 2012

Determining High Resistance using Neon Flash Lamp & Capacitor

Today, I am going to share a method of determining the high resistance of a resistor by using Neon Flash Lamp and a Capacitor. I performed this experiment in university lab.

The purpose of sharing this experiment process is to help fellow students for preparation of their Physics lab manuals.

Keep reading this post for circuit diagrams and full range of all the values and tables. This experiment was performed in the Campus Physics lab.

Experiment # 5

Determining the high resistance using Neon Flash Lamp and a Capacitor

Apparatus: Resistor of unknown resistance, Diode, Power Supply, Neon Flash Lamp apparatus, Stop watch, Connecting Wires.
Circuit Diagram: Neon Flash Lamp, Capacitor, Diode, Resistor

Formula for finding the time period of a capacitor:

Time Period = (Time for 20 flashes) / 20

T = t / 20

  1. First of all I set the resistance at 1 MΩ.
  2. Switched on the power supply and record the average time for 20 flashes.
  3. Repeat the time recording process to get multiple values.
  4. Plot a graph between “R” and “T”.

Observations and Calculations:

This is all for finding the resistance by using Neon Flash Lamp & Capacitor.

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