August 17, 2022

How to solve mobile app Hik-Connect Error, Download and Installation

From last couple of days, some of our security cameras customers are reporting error in Hik-Connect mobile app. We have checked the mobile app on our smartphones and found no issue. App is running fine.

hik-connect mobile app bug solution

When confirming from customers, we have noticed that this was a temporary issue due to a recent update by Hikvision (the app developer), which was later fixed through another update.

How to Solve Hik-Connect Error ?

If you are still having the issue in app (any error or bug), just simply clear the cache of the app or uninstall the app from your phone and install again the latest version from (Hikvision's official app store). You can watch the following video for solution.

How to Download Hik Connect App ?

On Android
Just visit from browser of your phone (for example google chrome). Tap on "download Hik-Connect for end user". The downloading of .apk will start, now you can easily install hik-connect from apk file.

On iPhone
The app is available on app store.

Hik-Connect Video Tutorial:

Now you are ready to use hik-connect.

Image source: from WhatsApp chat

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