October 15, 2017

Wired CCTV Cameras Vs WiFi / Wireless Security Cameras in Pakistan

Wired or Wireless Security Cameras in Pakistan ? This is a question most of people, who are ready to install a security system at their premises, are asking at our professional business Paktron CCTV Company in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

WiFi / Wireless Security Cameras vs Wired Cameras

We decided to make the answer online for everyone. Our technical staff always guide new customers that both i.e. hard wired and wireless security cameras have their pros and cons.

Wireless cameras are truly not beneficial till the end of the electricity load-shedding in Pakistan, because you have to provide power to all cameras through UPS or centralized power system so wiring is required to power all cameras for their non-stop working.

If you have already UPS-enabled power sockets near to the locations where you want to install cameras then this a other case. :)

There is no fully wireless camera up till now because they always need power for their working and for their charging in case of battery powered cameras.

If you want one or two cameras, but not more than two, then you can go for wireless as it requires minimum wiring for power, and are cost effective.

Quick Pros and Cons of Wired and Wireless Cameras:

Pros of Wireless Cameras

Easy To Install
User Friendly
Cost effective (in some cases)
Remote Access (as they are IP Based now)

Cons of Wireless Cameras

Must be Installed in WiFi Signal Range
Need battery backup in case of power outage
Signal Interference
Can be hacked or Signal Jammed

There are two types of wired Cameras IP Cameras (Ethernet Cable Based) & Analog Cameras (Co-Axial Cable Based)

Pros of Wired Cameras

Jamming is Difficult
Large area can be covered effectively
Independent of IP network (between cameras and DVR)
Widely used all over
Requires only one UPS enabled electric socket
Remote surveillance over Mobile phone and PC
DVR can be configured on IP Network

Cons of Wired Cameras

Requires professional installation
Installation and configuration needs more time
Wiring is required
Can be hacked over internet
In some cases it is impossible to hide cables and wires

Now, after reading this, you must have the better ideas in choosing the right security camera for surveillance.

These technical info are truly based on our personal experiences in the field and at the locations we worked, it may need some edition or update. Feel free to comment below.

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