June 3, 2016

WiFi Wireless CCTV IP Camera YooSee CMS Viewer Settings & Manual

WiFi Camera Yoosee CMS viewer Settings

For Yoosee wireless security cameras video streams, Download or Install the CMS Client CCTV Cameras Software for PC / Laptop and follow the settings instructions, given below.

Download CCTV Software

Run CMSClient:

Click on "CMSClient" icon to run the program.

CMS Client Login Screen

Just click on login. No password required.

Step 1:

On the main screen click on + button to add your NVR Device or WiFi IP Camera.

IP Camera CMS main Screen

Step 3:

In device manager menu, click on "Manual Add Device" button to add your device or camera via IP address or P2P cloud ID.

Wireless IP Camera CCTV Software settings

View IP CAMERA Stream on PC

First of all enter the "Device ID" of your wifi camera, Password and the Name. Then press "OK". To add more than one camera repeat Step 3.

Click Exit

Step 4:

Your cameras are now added in the left side list in CMS. Right click on "Device List" and click on "All Connect".

WiFI IP Camera Settings stream URL

In this way you can successfully setup CMS software. For technical details and other information about CCTV camera system you can contact Pakistan CCTV Security Camera.

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