May 6, 2014

What to do with 3G in Pakistan [3G Speed Test Settings and Faqs]


3G is the third generation of wireless communication technology. The 3G network only enables to access high speed internet for the best in line mobile internet experience.

Four Telecom Companies of Pakistan are going to launch 3G and 4G services officially on 10th of May, 2014. You can avail Free 3G Trials before the official launch.

Here are some Technical Details:

Difference between 2G, 3G and 4G ?

4G is a successor technology of 3G technology and 4G provides more speed than 3G.

3G is different from 2G. The 3G network will run on best in class HSPA+ technology to give subscribers access to high speed internet, video calls and multimedia experience within 3G coverage areas while 2G network will run on EDGE or GPRS.

What can we do on 3G Networks ?

We can avail the followings benefits of 3G:
  • High speed internet access
  • Video Call
  • Live Streaming
  • Live TV
  • Live broadcasting
  • Video sharing and much more!
Internet Speed on 3G Network:

on 3G Networks, speed varies with a number of factors, including the device, coverage area, network traffic and number of users accessing the 3G network at a particular point of time.

3G Speed (difference between WCDMA and HSPA):

WCDMA or R99 devices are 3G devices but support low 3G speeds. HSPA devices are high speed devices.

Video Call:

Both caller party and called party handset should support video call function. If both have such type of handsets then they will be able to make video calls in Pakistan. Skype is an alternative of direct video call.

What if you are out of 3G Coverage Area ?

When you move out of 3G coverage, you will be transferred seamlessly to GPRS or EDGE depending on service availability. You will experience slower data speed on 2G, GPRS and EDGE.

Access 3G internet on Laptops:

You can use 3G to WiFi routers to access 3G and 4G internet on laptops, computers and other WiFi supported devices.

3G Supported Handsets:

Technically, R99, HSPA and HSPA+ supported handsets are compatible with the 3G network.

How to activate 3G ?

Activation is not required you just need to configure your handset to receive 3G / 4G signals. 3G is on by default in Pakistan. To use 3G, you need to be in a 3G coverage area and have a 3G supported device.

3G Handset Settings:

SAMSUNG (Android)

Settings -> Connection -> More Network -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode ->WCDMA / GSM

Android 3G Settings:

Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> preferred network type ->WCDMA/GSM

QMobile 3G Settings:

Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> preferred network type ->WCDMA/GSM

Nokia Lumia (Windows 8):

Settings ->Mobile Network -> Highest connection speed -> Select 3G

Nokia Asha 3G Configuration:

Settings -> Phone -> Network Mode -> Select 3G

Apple (iOS, iPhone 4G Settings and iPhone 3G Settings):

iOS 7 Settings -> General -> Mobile Data - >3G / 4G

iOS 6 Settings -> General -> Mobile Data -> 3G / 4G

iOS 5 Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data


Settings -> Network connection -> Mobile Network -> Mode -> 3G / 2G

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