April 28, 2014

Settings to Receive HSPA / 3G signals on your Mobile Phone

3G Pakistan Settings

Cellular service providers in Pakistan are now equipped to offer 3G / 4G service in the country. These are the 3G settings which will enable your device to receive HSPA 3G services and signals.

First of all check your mobile phone if it is 3G supported or not. You can check this on your smartphone manual or on manufacturer’s website by looking for your smartphone specification.

If your handset supports 3G Service:

3G Network Settings PK

Goto -> Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode

WCDMA HSPA Settings Pakistan

Enable GSM / WCDMA Preffered.

After enabling these settings you are ready to receive 3G signals and service. Now click to Check for Availability of 3G Service in your Network Coverage Area.

If you are in 3G Service coverage area you can access 3G services.

3G Service Providers in Pakistan are Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink and PTCL EVO while 4G Service Providers in Pakistan is Zong.

No need to change any other settings.

Zong Mobile Internet Settings

Mobilink Mobile Internet Settings

3G / 4G High speed internet will work on existing APN of Mobile Internet Settings.

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