September 6, 2012

HEC approved Pakistan Technology Council

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on August 27, 2012 approved the formation of long awaited Pakistan Technology Council (PTC).

The formation of PTC is the only hope for B-Tech Graduates for their bright futures and to secure their jobs.

The aim behind the formation of Pakistan Technology council is to standardize the field of technology & engineering and to build linkages among stakeholders.

PTC will facilitate the Higher Education Commission in developing necessary guidelines on accreditation process, registration process.

According to Express Tribune news report: "HEC Executive Director Sohail Naqvi said that there were serious gaps in the technological field due to non-standardized courses offered by local universities".

The basic objective of establishing the council is to improve the quality of engineering technology education. Earlier in April, 2011 I had reported that "Govt. to establish Pakistan Technology Council for B.Tech graduates"

PTC will register the B.Tech Graduates as "Professional Technologist" like PEC who registers BSE graduates as "Professional Engineers".

Technology council will also provide a promotion and development in Higher Education in the field of Engineering Technology.

Earlier in March, 2012 B.Tech Action Committee and Ministry of Science and Technology held a meeting regarding Establishment of PTC.

They, then, expressed and explained the issue about the establishment of PTC, and at the end they were agreed to make a separate platform for B.Tech Engineers and Associate Engineers (DAE - Diploma of Associate Engineers) and was named as Pakistan Technology Council.

Difference between BSE and B-Tech and other Bachelor Level Degrees:
  • BSE means Bachelors of Science in Engineering
  • B-Tech means Bachelors in Technology
  • BE means Bachelors in Engineering
  • BS means Bachelor in Science
BSE, BE are recognized as Engineering programs by Pakistan Engineering Council, after completion of these degrees the degree holders are accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and they are registered as "Professional Engineers" *. PTC will register the B-Tech degree holders as "Professional Technologist". The BS is a non-engineering Program and is handled by HEC.

In Pakistan almost all Universities offer admissions in the above mentioned Bachelor programs (explanation of *) but only the degrees of some top level Universities are accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council. (Click the link to open the list of Accredited Engineering Qualifications Granted by Engineering Universities and Institutions in Pakistan)

According to my knowledge and experience B-Tech degree holders and Associate engineers with DAE degrees are best for field work because they have a lot of practical knowledge. Now, we hope that PTC will do the same work for B-Tech graduation students.

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