August 22, 2012

Solar Charge Controller connection with solar panel

Solar charge controller is an electronic device which is used in solar system installation to control the amount of charge going towards the battery from solar panel.

Charge Controller are available in different types and ratings. The term "charge controller" may refer to control circuitry integrated within a solar system or to either a stand-alone device, in Pakistan the 24 Volt and 12 Volt DC charge controllers are widely used.

The charge controller provides a regulated DC output from solar panels and stores excess energy in a battery as well as monitors the battery voltage to prevent over charging and under charging.

Some common models of Solar Charge Controller in Images:

(Courtesy | Images Source: Google Images, Solar Charge Controller Manufactures and Solar Charge Controller Manufactures)

How to ?

Connecting a charge controller with solar panel to battery and other DC operated electronic devices is very easy and simple. By follow the diagram below you can easily install or configure a charge controller.

Connection and Installation Diagram
Solar Charge Controller Connection and Installation Diagram
Larger View
If you are facing any difficulty regarding solar charge controller installation and configuration you can contact us to call our technical experts.

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