July 7, 2012

Engineering Mechanics & Thermodynamics for BSE Students

EM&T (Engineering Mechanics and Thermodynamics) is a 3 credit hours course necessary for the students of Bachelor of Science in Engineering BSE students. This course is instructed in various institutes and universities of Pakistan.

Below are the course details and course contents:

The course objective is to familiarize the students with the fundamental principles of mechanics and thermodynamics used in the Engineering.

Course Code: EEE112
Course Title: Engineering Mechanics and Thermodynamics
Credit Hours: 3

Numerical Problems and Theory Topics:

  • Stress, Strain, Stress Strain Relationship, Simple Bending, Shearing Stress, Bending Moments & Shear Force Diagrams for Beams, Deflection of Beams.

  • Torsion of Circular Bars, Design of Shafts, Pulleys, Flywheels, Bearings and Couplings, Application of these Components to Transfer the Mechanical Power.
  • Thermodynamic Systems, Laws of Thermodynamics, Gases, Expansion & Compression of Gases, PV Diagrams, Thermodynamic Cycles and Applications, Carnot’s Cycle, Internal Combustion Engine, its Types and Working Principles.
  • Applications of ICE in Electrical Systems, Selection Criterions, Compressors, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning.


I have studied this course from Sir. Badar Suleman (COMSATS Institute of Technology). Keep visiting this Engineering blog for latest study notes and solved numerical problems.

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